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The Role of AI With Transport Jobs

The Role of AI With Transport Jobs

Talk has been swirling in the automotive industry for years concerning the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in daily driving experiences. Although cruise control was a front runner to automated driving, no one ever thought cars would be driven without human involvement. The movement towards AI controlled vehicles has even crept into the trucking industry.

Move Past a Small Town Mindset

For many truckers who are used to working small town jobs or just picking up local loads for trucks, the thought of AI taking over their jobs can be terrifying. Creators and software designers look at the advancement and implications as a powerful tool that open new roads to efficiency and cost savings. Artificial intelligence has already had a large role in the navigation and dispatching services of many trucking companies. The AI influence is simply moving into new areas and testing the waters for more control of the industry.

Understand the Purpose

If you can look beyond the intimidating nature of AI, you can see that benefit of a machine that works to improve efficiency while also reducing errors and performing more consistently. The premise is that AI functions will take the best reasoning and responses of humans and combine them with the power and processing of machines. In the transportation industry, this looks like special software algorithms to calculate driver performance and predict potential accident and traffic violations. These outputs influence company decisions to increase driver training or reroute drivers accordingly.

Not only does AI influence decision-making concerning safety and routing, a variety of software programs have been employed to increase billing accuracy. Confirming delivery, verifying rates and payments, and automatic scanning and invoicing are all components that operate using artificial intelligence. Maximizing company profit opportunity can lead to increased wages and job security.

Give It a Chance

While new and often misunderstood, the presence of AI in the transportation industry can be a game changer. Working with the assistance of technology can create safer, more efficient transactions for both driver and company.