Business Plan

Machines Will Not Replace Humans

As the pandemic continues to make waves in the production industry it is up to warehouse automation solutions to cut those delays. Future research estimates that the global automation industry will grow to $69 Billion in 2025. As technology expands so does its place in manufacturing outlets. Businesses are dependent on warehouse automation solutions to have efficient and manual processes. These solutions vary from robotic machines, computer operators, or internal systems. They have impactful benefits such as:

  • Fewer Injuries
  • Higher accuracy
  • Improved Worker Morale 
  • Decreased Shipping Mistakes 

Although businesses have enormous benefits to implementing new technology into their systems many potential workers are wary of change. 

Workers Distrustful Of Technology

Technology boosts production and continues to aid the supply chain damaged from the pandemic. Even though there are many benefits to warehouse automation solutions, workers feel distrust towards the evolving technology. 

Some employees refuse to return to work due to the fear of being replaced by a machine. This is far from the truth. Although there are systems designed to run on their own, there are complicated technologies that must be operated by a human being. This opens doors to many workers who wish to stray away from