Influences of Drugs and Alcohol on the Body

The usage of alcohol and drugs most often than not lead to sudden body changes such as moods, body function and behavior, sometimes poor nutrition causes the brain to be damaged.

On an empty stomach, alcohol is quickly consumed in the bloodstream and when one feeds on foods rich in proteins the absorption is a bit slower. The absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream through the stomach causes the stomach lining to have irritation leading to stomach ulcers. When the alcohol content is too high in the body a reflex action is triggered causing one to vomit to relieve the irritation. The appetite of an alcohol consumer is also affected and can lead to malnutrition as high amounts of stomach juices are produced.

Temporary increase in body temperature, blushing and low blood pressure are some of the results of alcohol consumption. Increased relaxation and talking, decreased coordination of the body and impaired body balance, speech and vision occur when the blood alcohol concentration levels are increased. It becomes extremely hard for one to manage their emotions making it hard for one to take charge of their excitement and anger.

The alcohol in the body is turned into carbon dioxide and water by the liver while the rest is excreted through the skin, lungs, and kidneys. Continued consumption of alcohol causes the liver to be destroyed. Most risky sex practices occur when one is under the influence of alcohol as their judgment is impaired. Stunted growth of bones is also brought by prolonged use of drugs. The lengthy indulgence in drugs causes significant harm to the kidney and liver

The constant use of drugs and alcohol affect one’s efficiency at school and work, and the behavior also leads to financial constraints. Time spent on taking drugs can be put to better use such as receiving training to proceed in your career. Your financial status may be adversely affected by an abrupt legal matter brought about by drugs causing your health and car rates to increase. Drugs and alcohol also may lead to ones death through car accidents, homicide or suicide.

People who wish to stop the use of drugs and alcohol need diversion centers. for drug and alcohol users to change they need this centers as they offer supplemental programs and developed treatment.

Consequently, the amount of drugs or alcohol is directly proportional to the heart disease risk factor, two drinks a day are enough. Alcohol taken in small quantities can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, anything that is done without moderation is bound to outweigh its potential benefits.

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