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Having a good marketing strategy is essential to each and every businesses and that is because it can help them achieve their company goals and in the end, become successful in the world of business. The term marketing strategy may refer to the acts of the businesses in making out plans that are recognized as a long-term approach and these plans are their fundamental goal to achieve or accomplish a sustainable and viable competitive advantage in the industry. Some of the common marketing strategies practiced by the businesses include the long range planning; strategic planning or corporate planning; budgeting control or scientific management; RBV which stands for resource based view and can also be called as resource-advantage theory; and the strategic marketing management. Some of the most commonly used techniques and tools in creating the best marketing strategy for a certain business includes futures research, environmental scanning, impact analysis, benchmarking, brand or category penetration, marketing intelligence, gap analysis, blindspots analysis, value chain analysis, trend analysis, segment share analysis, market segmentation analysis, product evolutionary cycle analysis, and many more. A business may do research to find the best marketing strategy for them, but it is not an easy task, especially when you’re new in the world of business. Instead of doing it themselves, some new businesses are hiring the help of the professional who have the experience, the knowledge and the skills in marketing strategy, and these professionals may be called as marketing strategists.

There are definitely a lot of marketing strategists in every parts of the world, and most of them are working together in one company, while some are freelancers. The services that are commonly offered by a marketing strategist are multi-disciplinary solutions which involve combinations that can match the needs of their clients or customers. There is one company found in the country of the United States of America, specifically in the US state of California, which is composed of some of the most outstanding marketing strategists in the said country. Their primary function is to add strategy, marketing and execution to transform the performance of the business of their clients. They also believe that the imperfections in the business market can be transformed and used as a powerful strategy options. Some of their most common clients include dealers, family business owners, senior executives, and middle managers. The services that they offer would always match the needs and the requirements proposed by their clients, and that is because their services are custom-designed. Some of the examples of their expertise in marketing strategy include product innovation management, market data analysis, strategic marketing engineering, strategic sales management, sales training, marketing strategic planning, strategic marketing management, strategic brand management, customer experience design and management, customer value and relationship management, market and marketing research, service quality management, and proprietary consumer behaviour and psychology insights. The said company has their very own website which contains all of the essential details and information about them and their services. They also included the sales skills through operations planning on their website, and this specific tab contains some write-ups about different cases they’ve handled successfully.

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