Knee Stem Cells Therapy

The knees and hips are some of the most affected parts of the lower part of the body with many patients seeking joint replacements. Regenerative and stem cell treatment has been found to have abilities to treat knee pains and other joint-related problems quite effectively. Through studies and research stem cells therapy has been shown to be effective in treating knee pains and other problems related to joints. Most knee problems are treated using surgery and joint replacement but stem cell therapy can be an alternative for this. It is better to use stem cell therapy instead of surgery because surgery can cause other problems later such as arthritis.

Before considering surgery patients can get stem cell therapy first to see if the problem goes away and then consider surgery in case it persists. Based on findings from research, different people show different signs of progress and this means that the treatment should be personalized for each. There are growth factors present in stem cells which give the body ability to regenerate tissues when injured and heal those injuries. Stem cells also make the body generate cell signals to counter injuries by regenerating new tissues and cells. Stem cells can be modified and used to treat various problems such as degenerative arthritis that causes pain.

Some of the causes of degenerative arthritis include genetic factors and side effects of surgeries among other factors. Patients with avascular necrosis experience lots of pain and stem cell therapy can be used as treatment for this condition to relief of pain. It is difficult to know what will happen to patients having avascular necrosis since it leads to the death of cells and the bone. The stem cells also show signs of treating meniscal pains which is usually treated using surgery. Stem cells have certain properties to improve the abilities of the cells to regenerate and form new cells, ligaments and other parts to heal and reduce pains.

There are different ways of extracting the stem cells including various parts like the bone marrow, fat cells and embryonic cells. There are certain clinics which extract the stem cells from the patients rather than from other donors. The cells are called mesenchymal stem cells and are extracted from the fat tissue or the bone marrow of the patient. After being extracted the doctors usually inject them into the specific part with pain or other problems the same day. When patients visit the clinic, the doctors conduct assessment and create customized solutions for each patient. Advanced tools and systems are deployed to aid the doctors while injecting or treating patients to produce the required results.

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