Important Life Lessons and Benefits Plastic Card Mailer Taught Us
Important Life Lessons and Benefits Plastic Card Mailer Taught Us

Important Life Lessons and Benefits Plastic Card Mailer Taught Us – A Plastic Card Mailer has the potential to improve your life in many ways. The benefits are numerous, and we have listed 5 of the most notable below. So keep reading to discover more! We’re sure you’ll find this article very interesting! Just don’t forget to share it with your friends!

It Can Improve Your Life

If you’re looking for a low-cost marketing tool for your small business, plastic postcard mailers can help you achieve your goals. Reaching just one person in your neighborhood can make a difference, and word-of-mouth will spread your business. These mailers are also perfect for home services businesses.

Plastic postcard mailers make your company stand out in a mailbox full of paper postcards. The postcards are the size of a credit card and feature high-quality graphics that are incredibly eye-catching. They will become a constant reminder of your business and the offer you’re offering.


Plastic postcard mailers are an affordable marketing tool if you’re a home-based business. These postcards can reach even one person in the neighborhood, and with a bit of word-of-mouth, they will spread the word about your business. In addition to generating leads, these mailers can be used to promote a special offer or discount.

You can choose between two types of plastic postcard mailers. One type is laminated and can be interactive. The other is perforated for snap-away items. This mailer type can be produced in up to six colors. Some even come with full-service bindery. Once printed, the plastic postcard mailer is then laminated for durability.

These plastic postcards are made of durable composite plastic of 30 mil thickness. In addition, they have a glossy overlaminate for added durability. Custom designs can also be added. For example, you can include a scratch-off area or a magnetic stripe.

Perceived Value

A plastic card mailer is an attractive way to increase the perceived value of a business letter or direct mail piece. Not only do they provide additional information, but they also serve as a teaser for the contents. For example, when a plastic card peeks through the envelope window, the recipient is immediately alerted that they are receiving something important.

Another benefit of a plastic card mailer is that it stands out even when thrown away. A consumer is unlikely to throw away a beautiful, laminated postcard compared to a regular paper postcard. This can improve consumers’ feelings about receiving mail and make them more likely to open it.

Plastic postcards are shiny and sleek and can display colors, logos, or art. They can be designed with a punchy copy to capture the recipient’s attention. Plastic postcards’ unique visual and tactile appeal means they get a higher response rate than other marketing efforts. In addition, a plastic postcard is more durable than a paper mailer.


Increasingly, consumers want to know that a company is environmentally friendly. Plastic card mailers can help make this claim since they can help minimize unnecessary paper production. However, to ensure that a plastic card mailer is eco-friendly, it is essential to know how recycled materials are. This is important for several reasons.

Many plastic card mailers use Teslin, a very eco-friendly plastic substrate. Many high-end retailers, national pharmacies, fast food chains, and other businesses use this material to distribute gift cards and loyalty cards. This material prints beautifully and offers extended durability. This eco-friendly feature makes it an excellent choice for mailings.

Another significant advantage of eco-friendly cards is that they are biodegradable. Bio-based materials are more easily composted or degraded than petroleum-based ones. This means they do not emit harmful fumes or gases into the environment. Bio-sourced materials are also much less toxic than standard PVC.