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How often do you complain about your sleep? Research by the Sleep Health Foundation has found between 33 and 45 per cent of Aussies have poor sleep patterns that lead to fatigue and irritability that’s putting them at risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviors. These claims are staggering and should be pondered up on, we already know there are many remedies to it on the internet, this article will give you best and effective ones.


The night wardrobe matters a lot, you should be comfortable and in ease. A comfort pajamas or loose shorts are comfortable with v-neck or round Tees. You can have your favorites character or comic character theme-based night wardrobe. The main purpose is to let your body feel comfortable.

Blanket and Pillows

A good comfortable blanket with pillows is ideal for the lengthy and good sleep. The neck should be rested on the soft pillow making you feel completely comfortable. The blanket should be made of good material and won’t allow to pass cool air. You can buy pillows and blankets from internet, the best and with good material are easily founded on the internet in Australia.

Eye mask

Eye mask is also another important thing and will give you an ease. Many people don’t believe this fact, but it cannot be denied. The comfort it will offer is impeccable, many people experienced and satisfied with it. It will give you warmth and darkness, which will give you comfort to sleep. Choose the best slip silk eye mask in Australia on internet and buy it.


The lightings also matter, and it will create a comfort for you. Many people have side lamps open during night, but it will create a conscience to make it off in morning. Similarly, you should set curtains so that a light couldn’t cross your window. Window should also be closed, so no other object or sound could disturb you.

Mental satisfaction

The mental satisfaction is most important factor as it will have a significant impact on the entire sleep. Most of the sleep deprived people complaint about having stress related issues. So, the basic solution is to have some cardio or running done before the sleep. It will make you exhausted and tired, this will give you a proper sleep. Another thing you can try to read a book just before sleeping, it will help you to let you forget what you are thinking, and your focus will be what was on the book. This will also give you proper sleep.

No Mobile and gadgets

Believe it or not most of the sleep deprivation is from mobile and gadgets. The use of mobile just before sleep will delay your sleep and it will cause you lot of stress. The mobile should not be used before sleep as it will cost you proportion of your sleep.