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How You Can Invent a Product and the Process
You have to ensure you remain creative especially when you are an independent investor so you can come up with an idea for an invention and understand how the process works. You have to know how to create a product from scratch so you can come up with a great invention. The first step is generating an idea by identifying various problems people face day by day and how you can solve them to make it easier.

There are different things that can be done better like revamping or improving old and existing products gives you an opportunity to come up with creative innovations. Creating a concept sketch of the idea will help you visualize exactly what you want to do and get your ideas organized. It is beneficial to have your ideas down on paper overthrew sketches of digital images so you can defend ownership over the idea when it is necessary.

You have to come up with a virtual prototype once you have drawn their sketches and look at different design tools you can use. Ensuring you check the features of the digital design tools is essential and see whether it allows you to develop two-dimensional and three-dimensional rendering so you can use the photo-realistic prototype from every angle. When creating a physical prototype ensure you get a recommendation from an industrial polymer company to know what materials should be used.

The molding rubber allows you to create a variety of areas for your physical prototype such as the concrete parts, plaster parts, plastic parts and rubber parts plus it is beneficial for reproduction of architectural stone. You have to contact a company that can manufacture the prototype once you are done with the physical prototype. You have to work with the manufacturer since they will provide free samples and provide three-dimensional printing for you will not waste your money when still perfecting the product.

You can reach out to current customers through crowdsourcing so you can test their products and see what people want from you as an investor, but you can collaborate with other people to develop unique and better ideas. You will save time when you do proper research on the product you are inventing especially if you are working alone or as a team so you can ensure you are solving a particular problem. Several investors and sellers will have to learn about your invention and how it will benefit the society so you can practice your elevator pitch to know which type of response you should give out.