4 Things to Consider When Opening a Local Brewery

Opening a brewery is a chance to be your own boss, creating your schedule and spending time with chatting it up with patrons. Possibly it’s your dream come true. As you make this reality happen, you’ll want to focus on these four things.

1. Know Your Alcohol Laws and Ordinances

You don’t want to incur fines or get in trouble with the courts. While you work at designing an intriguing menu and atmosphere, you can have a liquor law consultant Houston double-check your state and local paperwork. Allow the experts to secure it for you, explaining the nuances to you and staff.

2. Know Where Can You Get the Most Traffic

When you select your location, be careful to think about how easy it is to get in and out. Are people going to cross through insane lines of cars? Is there a light to help direct the flow? Then, also consider whether people can see your signs and windows from the road. You don’t want to be hidden away in a corner. You want prominence.

3. Know How To Network With Others

Most breweries do not sell food. They remain strictly focused on beer and wine. This simplifies the supply orders. Your patron, though, may want to munch on something as they drink. To circumvent this situation, you can work with other establishments. Connect with local food trucks or restaurants. Either allow customers to order from the nearby venue and have it walked over (they can eat it at your tables) or ask a place to set up shop in your place. Get people to stick around and maybe grab another brew. The other business gets to sell what they need.

4. Know How To Entertain

Make the place fun. Host events that are both adult and family friendly. You could have a carnival, pop up shop sales or trivia night. These special occasions give people a reason to stop in, keeping the day lively and enjoyable. Schedule them throughout the month, perhaps once a weekend.

Enjoy your place. Focus on the details. Think fun, delicious and noticeable.