3 Safety Tips for Fire Pits

3 Safety Tips for Fire Pits

The trend toward outdoor living has fanned the flame of interest in fire pits. The backyard feature is one of the hottest fads in outdoor entertaining, and it doesn’t seem like its appeal will be extinguished anytime soon. Using a fire pit is a great way to heat up backyard barbecues, graduation parties and other festive gatherings, but it also presents a significant danger. In 2017 alone, injuries occurred to more than 5,300 individuals from the use of fire pits and outdoor heaters. It underscores the importance of employing proper fire safety protocol, and the following are some of the most important things to remember.


There is perhaps no greater fire safety rule than to have safety equipment on hand. Fire gloves are necessary for the proper handling of burning wood, while a fire blanket is helpful for covering the ground should a fire spread beyond the pit or ring. Fire extinguishers should always be nearby when there is an open flame, and the devices easily can be purchased online by searching fire extinguishers nyc or in your area.


Blowing on an ember may help you get a fire started, but a wind gust can quickly cause a fire to grow out of control. Never start a fire when conditions are blustery, and always pay attention to the direction of the wind so you can remove any downwind fire hazards.


The best wood for backyard fires are hardwoods like oak and hickory. Many of the softer varieties, such as pine and cedar, will pop, sending sparks into the sky. If conditions are dry or windy, it’s a good way to have a fire spread beyond its intended area.

Fires can be fun, but they are also dangerous. Following these safety tips will help keep your outdoor events from going up in smoke.