Being arrested can be a frustrating and scary time for many. However, many defendants can leave jail by posting bail. Here’s what you need to know about bail bonds.

Bail Amounts

Before you can obtain Dauphin County bail bonds, you need to know how much to post. Not all defendants qualify for jail release by posting bail. After the arrest, the defendant is booked at the police station then has a bond hearing. The judge dictates the amount of bail that must be posted prior to releasing the defendant from jail. Sometimes these amounts are preset on a bail schedule, but other crimes may warrant a different amount. If the defendant has the cash to post bail, they can post a cash bond and leave that day. For others, they may have to have a bail bond in order to post bail.

Bond Details

For those who do not have the money to post bail on their own, they can go to a bondsman to post bail on their behalf. The agent takes a fee which is often 10-15% of the total bail amount. The bondsman essentially takes the liability on that the defendant will make their court appearances. Should the defendant fail to appear, the bondsman is responsible for the full debt. The defendant often signs a contract stating they understand the conditions of their bail and the terms of the agreement.

Bail Conditions

Leaving jail on bail is conditional. While the court requires the posting of bail, the judge may also place additional conditions on the defendant prior to release. These conditions may include restrictions on travel, firearms possession, no-contact orders, pretrial check-ins and substance abuse. Maintaining employment or acquiring employment for those unemployed may also be a condition of bail. Following the bail conditions is essential to staying out on bail. Failure to adhere to the conditions or to attend court hearings could result in the defendant landing back in jail.