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Four Ways to Ace Your Next Client Meeting

Owning your own small business means you will need to meet with clients from time to time. Client meetings take hours of planning and are one of the most anxiety-inducing things you will ever need to do as a business owner. But, in-person meetings are also an opportunity to impress clients and showcase your talents. […] Read More

Handling Interruptions While Working From Home

Working without distractions can be difficult in any situation, and it can be especially so when you are trying to work from home. It is important to stay on task and complete your projects on time, yet it can feel like an impossibility. Do not lose hope, though; there are some practical tips you can follow for minimizing interruptions in your home office.

Turn Off Your Phone

Technology can be a great tool to help you get your job done, but it can also be one of your biggest distractions. Try to limit your cell phone use; if possible, keep it in another room from where you are working. This will allow you to work more productively instead of checking your phone every few minutes.

Let People Know When You Are Working

When you are working from home, friends and family may have a hard time...

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4 Things to Consider When Opening a Local Brewery

4 Things to Consider When Opening a Local Brewery

Opening a brewery is a chance to be your own boss, creating your schedule and spending time with chatting it up with patrons. Possibly it’s your dream come true. As you make this reality happen, you’ll want to focus on these four things.

1. Know Your Alcohol Laws and Ordinances

You don’t want to incur fines or get in trouble with the courts. While you work at designing an intriguing menu and atmosphere, you can have a liquor law consultant Houston double-check your state and local paperwork. Allow the experts to secure it for you, explaining the nuances to you and staff.

2. Know Where Can You Get the Most Traffic

When you select your location, be careful to think about how easy it is to get in and out...

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3 Safety Tips for Fire Pits

3 Safety Tips for Fire Pits

The trend toward outdoor living has fanned the flame of interest in fire pits. The backyard feature is one of the hottest fads in outdoor entertaining, and it doesn’t seem like its appeal will be extinguished anytime soon. Using a fire pit is a great way to heat up backyard barbecues, graduation parties and other festive gatherings, but it also presents a significant danger. In 2017 alone, injuries occurred to more than 5,300 individuals from the use of fire pits and outdoor heaters. It underscores the importance of employing proper fire safety protocol, and the following are some of the most important things to remember.


There is perhaps no greater fire safety rule than to have safety equipment on hand...

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The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

Experts in finance have different philosophies regarding debt; some advise to avoid it altogether, while others give tips on how to use credit to your advantage. When deciding to take on new debt at Simple Path Financial, consider the risks and benefits.

Good Debt

Good debt is money that you borrow to make more money. Business owners might know that investing in more vehicles or employees will boost the productivity of their company. Also, consider if the profit will be larger than the interest rate. A loan from Simple Path Financial should have an interest rate that is low enough where your earnings will offset the cost of the loan.

Bad Debt

Bad debt is for depreciating consumer products. In this case, one carries a loan and pays interest for something like a new couch or shoes...

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How to Get Out of Debt

Credit card debt is a fast-growing problem. Once you fall into it, the deeper you will most likely go. Here some ways to help you diminish your debt as fast as possible.

Pay More

One of the fastest ways you can get out of debt is to pay more than your minimum payment. Consult with an agent from somewhere like Rescue One Financial to see what your income would allow you to give extra each month. Even if it is only a small amount of extra money, every little bit will help.

Stop Spending

This may seem like an impossible task, but find out how and where you are wasting money. It may be through a daily habit or it might be an expensive hobby. Evaluate what you do on an average basis and see where your money is going...

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Small Business Innovation, Strong Financial Management

Small Business Innovation, Strong Financial Management

Small Business Innovation, Strong Financial Management

Many entrepreneurs are big-picture visionaries. Unfortunately, they can miss valuable insights into the minutia of managing finances. For example, a budget can help you cut costs and maintain positive cash flow. Building a strong credit history can help you get funding for growth. Abrupt shifts in sales or profits could spot industry trends, and managing collections might give insight to your customers’ financial states. So how can you do the most to manage your small business’s finances?

Get Hands-On With Business Capital

Separate your company and personal expenses and open a business bank account, but remember to pay yourself a reasonable percentage of the earnings...

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Definisi Badan Usaha di Indonesia

Ada beberapa entitas bisnis yang berbeda yang diakui di Indonesia. Entitas-entitas ini berbeda karena status hukum, komposisi, tujuan, pembiayaan, dan bahkan keanggotaan. Untuk mengetahui jenis-jenis entitas bisnis apa yang ada di Indonesia dan untuk membantu Anda dalam memilih entitas yang paling sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda, berikut adalah deskripsi singkat dari berbagai entitas bisnis di Indonesia.

PT (perseroan terbatas)

PT (perseroan terbatas) adalah badan hukum yang didirikan berdasarkan perjanjian, yang melakukan kegiatan bisnis dengan modal yang seluruhnya berbasis saham [Pasal 1 (1) UU No. 1 tahun 1995]. Kekayaan PT dipisahkan dari kekayaan pemiliknya, dan yang terakhir memiliki tanggung jawab terbatas; hanya sebanyak yang dimiliki saham...

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Landasan Hukum Aborsi

Anggapan negatif terhadap aborsi di negara ini memang telah mengakar. Rata-homogen orang meyakini aborsi sulit diterima secara moral. Adapun dasar hukum dalam KUHP : Pasal 299, Pasal 346, Pasal 347, Pasal 348 dan Pasal 349. Namun, buat dispensasi Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 61 Tahun 2014 mengenai kesehatan reproduksi. Salah satu poin peraturan pemerintah yang baru ini menegaskan, tindakan aborsi hanya bisa dilakukan dari pertanda darurat medis atau kehamilan dampak pemerkosaan. Kini hadir Klinik Aborsi Legal yg beralamatkan di Jakarta Pusat ini. Dengan Biaya Aborsi murah, menggunakan SOP & tentu saja ditangani sang dokter yg professional.

Aborsi merupakan normal dan baik-baik saja...

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Alasan Mengapa Aborsi Harus di Klinik Legal

Ada banyak kontroversi mengenai Aborsi karena informasi yang menyesatkan yang telah beredar mengenainya dapat dilakukan dengan alasan apa pun. Ini jauh dari kebenaran. Ada juga kesalahpahaman bahwa melakukan Aborsi adalah prosedur yang berbahaya bagi ibu.

Kehamilan sering kali merupakan kejadian yang sehat dan membahagiakan dalam kehidupan seorang wanita. Sayangnya, bagi beberapa wanita ini tidak selalu terjadi ketika keadaan yang mengancam jiwa atau kondisi medis yang parah berkembang. Ketika situasi ini muncul, aborsi mungkin diinginkan sebagai solusi yang memungkinkan.

Aborsi selalu merupakan keputusan yang sulit untuk dibuat. Wanita mana pun akan merasa tidak nyaman saat mengambil keputusan seperti itu. maka penting untuk memilih klinik aborsi yang tepat dan legal...

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